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Ever heard of AMRS?

It's easy to look at AMRS and AGV as the same thing and they are similar but still different. AMRS, which stands for autonomous mobile robots are based on new technologies that make them faster, smarter, and more efficient than the AGVs that are starting to being more replaced on the market. Do you want to know more about AMRS, visit MAXAGV.

A picture of baking equipment

Baking is so much fun

Think it goes without saying, I really enjoy baking. Do I have any favorite thing to bake? Not really! However I really enjoy making muffins, the possibilities when making muffins are kinda endless. Do I want to make dinner muffins (yes that's a thing) or dessert muffins?

Or do I want to go one step further and make my muffins into cupcakes? One of my absolute favorites are carrot cake cupcakes. They are sooooo delicious, what's your favorite?

Tired of bad sound recordings?

Are you recording your own podcast or using your home as a recording studio? Getting that crisp recording can be a bit of a shore, especially when you live somewhere with a lot of noise polution.

Nail Polish from Depend Cosmetics

Depend Cosmetics makes great Nail Polish

I came across this great nail polish from the Swedish company Depend Cosmetics recently. They have a wide range of nail polish, regular, gel, 7day and they offer so many different colours! One of the best things about them is that most of the nail polish is produced in Sweden, not in some cramped factory somewhere in Asia. And they are very picky with their ingredients as well, only high quality components go into their products.

One of my friends use their 7day nail polish. Since she doesn't want to spend time on her nails everyday it's perfect for her. She has this sunday routine where she sits in her sofa, puts on one of her favorite series on Netflix and fixes her nails.

Hair of different colours

Thinking about changing my hair colour

So I'm thinking about changing my hair colour again, it's been brown with highlights for a while now. Thinking about doing something a bit more drastic this time around. But there are so many different colours to choose from! And what brand should I buy? There is Garnier, Clairol, L'Oreal Paris, Madison Reed and so many... Many more!

Thinking about going pink this time, or maybe purple? Or both? There should be an app that allows you to try on different kinds of hair colours with a filter. That would be awesome, maybe there is an app like that already?.

With a waterproof golf jacket you are always ready to play!

Do you think that golf is only when the weather is good? Think again! Why should the weather stop you from spending time playing the worlds greatest sport? Just get a good waterproof golf jacket and you're always ready. Don't let a bit of rain stop you! But if it's raining cat and dogs, maybe stay at home.

Quote about life

Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.